The GODincidence Zone

          ​           From Another Plane

Trapped in a downed airliner, Ron located and dove through a flaming hole in the side of the burning fuselage. After an assembling of the wreckage he was told by authorities there was no hole in the side of the plane - but that four others reported escaping through the same hole!!

The Midnight


Documentary / Factual Entertainment

30-minute Television Show

Created by Steve Rose


Lifeguards on Duty

​​It’s the mystery and intensity of Rod Serling’s 60s smash “The Twilight Zone” with the warmth and tone of the 80s “Touched by an Angel”. The host delivers dramatic Serling-type opening and closing monologues during each segment in each half-hour journey. Three original incredible-but-true GODincidence stories include compelling reenactments wrapped around captivating interviews with everyday people and their positive life-changing experiences. Many of the stories go from calm to instant chaos and need for a miracle. There’s nothing mysterious or miraculous about what can be explained, thus the intrigue and the hook of this show. Most of the highly-engaging tales suggest amazing divine intervention, but all featured have happy endings and an uplifting takeaway asking “Was that a coincidence or a GODincidence?”